How to order - Multiquip

The Multiquip order process isn’t as complicated as you’d think but you’re here to find out the right way to get your order to you safe and sound, so here we go.

  1. Each and every product listed for order within the Multiquip catalogue is a clickable link. This link will take you to that product page.
  1. For example, you see a “Yellow Lanyard” which you particularly like. You click on it and you are redirected to a new page which displays a larger image of the Lanyard, and alongside the images lies a quantity box where you may enter in the quantity of that product which you would like to order.
  1. Once you have entered in the quantity, you should notice that there is a button beneath is which says “Add to quote”. If you are satisfied with the product and quantity you have selected, you may proceed by clicking the blue “Add to quote” button.
  1. There will be a short spinning wheel animation followed by a notice telling you that your product has been added (Product added!).
  1. Beneath this you should now notice a blue text which says “Browse the list”. By clicking on this button, you will be taken to a page which displays all the products you have added to your quotation list as well as their quantities.
  1. While you are on this page, you will be able to edit the quantity details of all the products you’ve added to the list as well as remove items from the list using the “X” buttons on the left of each item. You will be able to confirm these changes with the grey button which can be found under the list labelled “Update list”.
  1. Beneath the list which you have now confirmed, you will see the title heading “Send the request”. This is the section where you will fill in your name, contact information and any other notes you would like to leave for the person who will be for filling your quote.
  1. Once you have filled out this information, you will find the grey “Send Your Request” button beneath the form. Click this button to send your request for the quotation of your items.
  1. Once complete, a message will appear saying “Your request has been sent successfully” and you should receive a reply back from Multiquip with your quote within the next 1 – 2 business days.
  1. Once you have received your invoice back from Multiquip, you will be provided with a invoice number which will function as your reference number. This invoice number is the one which you will provide in your banks reference when making the payment for your order.
  1. Once your payment has been acknowledged, your order will be filled and couriered to a destination which you would have stipulated after receiving your invoice. Multiquip will provide FREE Delivery to clients who reside within a 100km radius of our 3 major outlets in Durban, Johannesburg & Cape Town (T’s & C’s Apply)
  1. Your goods are sent to you via courier. Any returns you need resolved may be handled via the company email/telephone numbers.


QCan I pay online?
Unfortunately, not. You will be able to make payment with your invoice (invoice number) number via EFT, once you have received your invoice. Simply provide the invoice number as reference for your bank during payment

QHow is your order calculated?

There is free delivery on our products provided you reside within a 100km radius of our 3 major outlets in Durban, Johannesburg & Cape Town (T’s & C’s Apply). You are also more than welcome to collect your orders.

QMay I collect my order?

Yes, we have branches in Durban, Gauteng & Cape Town and we’ll be able to arrange your order for collection at any one of these branches.

QIs the quote also your invoice?

No, the quote is simply a document securing your product prices for a certain number of days. When you are ready to take us up on the order we’ve quoted, we develop a receipt which is then forwarded to you with a reference number and banking details so that you will be able to make payment.

Making Payment

When it comes to making a payment, the most important thing to have is your invoice. You will receive an invoice number and with this invoice number and your quoted amount you will be able to make payment into our account. Payment details will be sent with the invoice which has our banking details on it. You may make payment via EFT transfer as well as direct banking transfer. As long as you use your correct reference number (the invoice number), the correct amount (stipulated on the invoice), and we can confirm the payment has been made into our account, there should be no payment issues.

Where is my order?

Now that you’ve placed your order, we’ve confirmed your payment (which includes transportation), your payment has reflected and we have fulfilled your order, the last thing to do is for you to receive your delivery. Now to track your order, all you have to do is use the receipt number you used as a reference for payment. With this number, you will be able to track your order online as well as over the phone, it’s as simple as that.